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Posted by RWappin - June 30th, 2021

Hello Newgrounds, it's been a little while. This is the general pitch for "End Times," the project I've been writing for the past few years and which is my dream to make into a proper full-fledged animated work. I'll be posting lots of concept art/animated bits from it here.

Series Logline:

There is a sense of dread in the air as everyone seems to think they are in the End Times- for their own reasons. The forces of darkness are making their move towards total global enslavement, but those who see the “end” as just the edge between their comfort zone and the unknown, will ascend. - End Times

Pilot Logline:

Joel Trustworthy, a sensitive and curious boy of 18, is overwhelmed with uncertainty in a world where everyone insists on their own version of truth. After seeing an ad for the Moonview Institute, a prestigious university that claims to help young people find truth and purpose, he decides to join in hopes of finding answers. - The Nobody

Target Audience/General Premise:

This show revolves around a concept that I think is under-explored in the realm of film and animation, and when it is, it is done poorly. That concept is Spiritual Warfare. Most inhabitants of earth, who are so caught up in their own little lives, are unaware there is a raging spiritual battle going on behind the scenes between the light and the darkness. On the side of the darkness are the Archons who want humans to be enslaved to their appetites-- their fears.... their limiting beliefs and dogmas. Without those things, the Archons would have nothing on which to feed, so they are desperate to keep humanity on that level by any means necessary.

In the human world are a large variety of characters, and the central protagonist is a boy named Joel Trustworthy. Deep down, Joel wants to be a better person. He has a gnawing feeling that he is not living up to his potential. He knows there must be more to life. He lacks confidence in himself. He is easily influenced by propaganda. He is prone to dependency on those who claim they can take care of his problems. He meets two friends who act as his guardian angels, Ray an Vin, the founders of the controversial Club Rayvin. Club Rayvin is looked at by many with contempt because of frequent slaughtering of “sacred cows” and rejection of mainstream narratives. The mainstream narratives are controlled by The Octopus, a secret society with members in positions of power and influence. (The Octopus is basically this world's version of The Illuminati.) Many of the highest members work directly with Archons.

This is an adult show that will explore adult issues. There will be much in it that isn't for kids. However, I want it to have the effect of bringing out people's inner child. Many topics that this show will explore include the relationship between human beings and God, the relationship between the world and spiritual, religion, relationships between people, romantic relationships, heartbreak, loneliness, feeling trapped, conflict over religious and political opinions, seeking the truth, having a worldview destroyed, overcoming hardships, having courage in the face of adversity, the power of humor to heal wounds, faith, doubt, trust, returning the childlike innocence, being outcast by old friends for committing to what you believe is right, being misunderstood, surrendering to God, the consequences of not surrendering to God, deciphering truth from lies, true happiness and fulfillment, false happiness and fulfillment, synchronicities, love, letting go, ascension, conspiracy theories, and good vs evil.


At this point I have no idea how its going to be funded but I'm just putting stuff out there in my spare time to see if it generates any interest. The pilot story itself is very long and will probably be almost a feature movie in length, but can probably be broken up into several smaller episodic segments.


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